Frequently Asked Questions


What is identity theft?

Identity thieves are constantly redefining their methods to find ways to break into personal information and personal accounts. Identity theft is a crime that occurs when your information is used without your consent. Criminals have found ways to use a person’s name, Social Security number, address, date of birth, credit card, medical insurance account, bank account and bank information, driver’s license, and phone number to their benefit.


Why should I care if someone steals my identity?

If your information is stolen, you might be financially responsible for what the thief buys or does with your information. It can also damage your credit rating, have bill collectors contacting you, you could be denied medical services if your medical insurance is effected, and more.


What comes with my membership?

  • Credit monitoring
  • CyberScan monitoring which will monitor criminal websites, chat rooms, and bulletin boards for illegal selling or trading of your personal information
  • Complete Recovery Services
  • Access to our team and the online resource center for news, education, and advisory services
  • In the event of a confirmed identity theft, eligibility for reimbursement of up to $1,000,000 for out of pocket expenses.


Once you have selected and purchased your membership, we will email or mail you a welcome letter with information on how to access your membership and how to complete the activation for your credit monitoring. This letter will be sent via email or mail with the address you provided.


Is your site secure?

MyIDCare was built by an experienced team of privacy advocates at ID Experts, the leader in identity theft protection services and response. We employ leading encryption and security technologies to ensure every interaction a member has with MyIDCare is secure.  All sensitive and personal information contained in the database is encrypted utilizing the 256 bit AES algorithm.


What is credit monitoring?

Credit monitoring is an incredibly helpful tool with becoming aware of fraudulent activity by monitoring changes to your credit file such as:

  • New inquiries
  • New accounts opened in your name
  • Late payments
  • Improvements in your report
  • Bankruptcies and other public records
  • New addresses
  • New employers

What does the credit monitoring activation/authentication process involve?

The system will ask you to provide some additional information such as your Social Security number, date of birth, driver’s license, etc. The system uses this information simply as a security step to verify they are communicating with the correct individual and you are who you say you are.


Do I have to activate my monitoring immediately?

In order for you to receive the full protection being offered to you, we do recommend that you activate your credit monitoring as quickly as you are able to.


What does authentication mean?

It is a way of verifying your information and that you are who you say you are.


Is it safe to provide my confidential information to your website or any of the credit bureaus?

Yes, when activating your monitoring, our online system will require you to confirm your identity. The information that will be asked is information already available to the credit bureaus. This information is used simply as a security measure to help ensure that they are speaking or dealing with the true person and not an imposter.


What if I have a credit/security freeze in place?

You may not be able to activate credit monitoring if you have a security freeze in place on your credit file. You can still attempt the authentication process through the member website. If you are flagged for manual authentication, then you many need to temporarily or permanently lift the security freeze. If you choose not to activate the monitoring, you will still have access to our recovery services.


Will I need to reactivate my credit monitoring when I renew?

No, you will not need to renew your monitoring each year. The credit monitoring will continue during your membership without interruption. 


What is “CyberScan ™”?

CyberScan protects you from on-line trading or selling of your personal information. Daily, it scans criminal websites, chat rooms, internet bulletin boards, etc., for the detection of stolen identities.

If your personal information has been detected during the search, you will receive an email alert. CyberScan can detect on-line selling or trading of your:  

  • Social Security number
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone Number
  • Driver’s license/ID Number
  • One Email address
  • Medical ID Number
  • Bank accounts*
  • Credit card numbers*

[*US Bank accounts and credit card numbers will be monitored if a member enters this information on the “Additional Account Details” page. A member can monitor up to 5 accounts total, but it is not required.]


What does the insurance reimbursement cover?

The insurance reimbursement provides coverage for lost income (time off work) and expenses (e.g., credit reports, legal fees for some civil suits, fees for refilling loan applications, etc.) related to the recovery process.


Is there a deductible?

There is no deductible for the insurance.


What if I forget my Username and Password?

Visit your MyIDCare membership site. If you forgot your username and/or password, you will be able to select either at the membership log-in site. If you forgot your username you will have to enter the email address associated with your MyIDCare membership and your login information will be emailed to you immediately. If you forgot your password, you will have to provide the User ID associated with your account to reset your password.


Do I have to agree to the Terms of Service?

In order to obtain credit monitoring services, you must agree to the Terms of Service.  If you do not wish to monitor your credit, you will still be covered by ID Experts’s recovery and insurance services.